Boxing and palletizing lines


Multiple bag handling solutions


Multiple bottle handling solutions

Palletizing / Depalletizing

Complete palletizing systems using articulated robots: the solution to manual palletizing with minimum investment and space.
Thought and designed for companies that are currently making a small production, that palletize manually and that are in the need to automate the palletizing with a minimum investment.

EXCELLENT RESULTS in all kind of supports (plastic, paper, raffia, cardboard, laminated paper…) and products.

Versatility and usability. From a graphic screen, the customer can easily select the type of pallet, mosaics, heights, type of bag/box/pack, etc.

Basic bag palletizing cell


Up to 450 bags/hour.

Pallet height higher than 2m.

Load capacity of 165kg.


Efficiency. Reduction of space needed for palletizing.

Versatility. Being able to easily modify tasks (format changes, mosaics, etc.)

Economy. The ideal solution for low productions.

Reliability. Perfect mechanics with minimum maintenance.


From the basic cell, and for higher production requirements, we have possibilities of:

Motorized roller conveyors for pallet infeed and outfeed.

Automatic empty pallet feeder.