Case of Succes: Automation of a Feed Factory


  • Complete and centralized management of the entire plant and integration of all its elements in a single platform.
  • Automation of a large number of processes, not depending on human intervention.
  • Total control over traceability and documentation of the manufacture and shipment of compound feed.
  • Make the production process profitable, thanks to better control of ingredient stocks.



For this project Mercoguadiana relied on VOLTEC’s VMES4.0 software.

This platform, based on the Industry 4.0 concept, provides a solution to the objectives set by the Customer: greater food safety, stock control, total traceability in real time, increased profitability, vertical plant operation, production optimization…

Thanks to its versatility and power, VMES4.0 allows Mercoguadiana to have total control over its plant, achieving maximum quality production, reducing costs and completely controlling the plant. This translates into an optimization of the production process, increased productivity and profitability.

You can learn more about the VMES4.0 solution for Feed Factory Automation here.



The installation of the Mercoguadiana feed factory has been designed on the basis of two premises: quality and safety. Quality, both of the raw materials and of the final product (and therefore of the entire process) and safety both in the product that is achieved (food safety) and in the development of work in the plant ( work safety).