Optimally control your plant’s energy consumption with VMES4.0

The energy control module is designed and developed to reliably audit in real time the energy consumption (electricity, gas, etc.) caused by the plant in operation. VMES 4.0 works at the highest level, independently controlling each energy-consuming element.

This is achieved thanks to the power of the PLC, the technical characteristics of the power electronics and the specific programming of the module in VMES 4.0.

This is a functionality that is totally aligned with the idea of predictive maintenance, business continuity, energy cost management, operation optimization, and minimization of operating costs.

What are the benefits of the VMES4.0 energy module?

  • Capacity for automatic generation of “maquila” type reports on energy consumption by order, by production, by formula, by machine, by production line, etc.
  • On-line control of the maximeter. If the VMES 4.0 system detects that the set maximeter value is going to be exceeded, it alerts the operator and is even capable of disconnecting non-vital machines or secondary sections.
  • Precise control of the power consumption of machines, sections or production lines thanks to the high level of integration of the VMES 4.0 system. In this way we have the ability to detect deviations in power consumption, and predict possible breakdowns or abnormal operations.

What are the advantages of the VMES4.0 energy module?

  • It is the plant operator who defines the sections, lines, etc.; in this way he can configure that one or several engines are part of one or several sections or production lines, being able to carry out consumption control in a flexible way and in different configurations.
  • The VMES 4.0 platform, thanks to the technology on which it is based, allows the measurement and storage of a multitude of variables of the different elements that are operating in the plant.
  • Once processed, these data provide us with analytical and decision making capabilities that improve the profitability of the process and the operation of the production plant itself.


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