Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: towards the intelligent and connected factory.
The technological revolution applied to industry is translated into this new industrial revolution that is Industry 4.0. An evolution that represents a new situation for companies, transforming the way they operate, thanks to higher levels of connectivity that offer us great potential for improvement.

This productive improvement through the application of 4.0 solutions allows us to optimise production processes, achieve higher levels of integration between the different production layers, reduce energy and labour costs, increase the quality and traceability of productions, carry out short and profitable production series, adapt and personalise productions, obtain data from any point in the process…

At VOLTEC we have propositions aligned with this concept of Industry 4.0, with which we can help you to improve your production process, achieving a more automated, intelligent and effective plant, adapted to the needs of the 21st century.

Within the whole package of 4.0 solutions for your company, we have developed our new Software: VMES4.0, with which you will obtain a management solution that will allow you to reach uninterrupted productions, with minimum stops, reducing production times and costs and increasing the quality of the product, increasing productive flexibility and, moreover, in a much more sustainable way.