Manage your maintenance in the most efficient way with VMES4.0

VMES4.0 has great differentiating value as it is a platform that covers all levels: power electronics, PLC / SCADA and MES, and is even capable of being integrated with the company’s ERP.

Thanks to this control over all the plant elements by means of the PLC, we have accurate and extensive information on working times and electrical consumption, which is transferred through the platform to the MES layer (and this is where the CMMS module is located, within VMES4.0).

The fundamental idea behind the CMMS module is to take advantage of the fact that the VMES4.0 platform is fully interconnected with the PLC that controls the production plant, in order to collect precise and specific data quickly, easily and safely, without human intervention. In this way, no approximations are required, as real data are available and fed in fully automatically.

Unlike other CMMSs on the market, the CMMS module of VMES4.0 is updated in real time with the data from motors and drives (valves, scrapers, gates, etc.) from the PLC.



Some of its main benefits:
  • It provides maintenance staff with an integrated tool for managing the maintenance of plant elements, including a mobility application so that operators can make queries and/or notes at machine level, thus trying to avoid the use of paper.
  • For the plant manager or controller, it facilitates the planning and assignment of actions on plant elements and offers a series of reports on what work and/or actions have been carried out.
  • As it can be fully integrated with the company’s accounting system (ERP), it allows the purchase of spare parts and the assignment of maintenance and/or operating costs to different sections or elements of the plant.


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