August, 2015


End-of-line Automation


Pet Food

VOLTEC contracts the end of line to handle the increase in production.

Biologic-Kali, the company dedicated to manufacturing pet food, increases its facilities in order to take on the increase in demand for production.

VOLTEC is once again the supplier chosen by BIOLOGIC to design and assemble the new automated product packing and palletising line.

This new line has two German brand KUKA robots; one for placing bags inside boxes and another for placing these boxes on pallets for storage or transport.

The cell consists of an automatic box-forming line with a production capacity of 3,000 bags of different sizes per hour. It also has a sloped belt that picks up the bags that come from the vertical bagging machine to then go through an online weight verifier that automatically rejects bags outside the tolerance range.

A bag grouper and a first robot take care of boxing the bags, after which a second robot places the previously sealed and duly labelled boxes in pallets.

A pallet transfer machine collects the production from both lines to be transported to the storage area, where they are prepared for shipment.

This new line complements and is integrated with an existing first line previously installed by VOLTEC.

This new line complements the extensions in the production area already made by the company, which enabled it to increase the production surface area from 500 to 5,000 m², thereby tripling the production capacity, to continue increasing and positioning itself on international markets, in which it currently exports 90% of its production.