Fotografía: GUCO


June, 2022


Integral Factory Automation


Agrifood – Animal Feed

Voltec Electrosistemes is in charge of the electrification and automation works at GUCO’s new plant in Valderrobres, Teruel. The new facilities of the parent company of the Arcoiris Group will allow it to increase its production capacity in multi-species feed to 20 million kg per month, thanks to the implementation of a new production line, with an investment of 2.5 million €.

As part of this project the Voltec team will be responsible for the development and implementation of plant control via PLC, SCADA and MES. They will also be responsible for the design and manufacture of all power and control cabinets for the same.

The implementation of VOLTEC’s VMES4.0 control system will allow a total integration of the plant with the ERP, in addition to providing it with an optimal production management system, achieving a more profitable and competitive plant. The large amount of information collected by the system will also facilitate greater control and cost reduction, maximum production quality and the creation of a safe production environment.




About GUCO…

Ganadería Unida Comarcal -GUCO- is the parent company of the Arcoíris Group, whose beginnings date back to 1978 in the Matarraña region. Today GUCO is made up of 484 members in Teruel, Zaragoza, Castellón and Tarragona and produces feed for all types of livestock, reaching a production of more than 155,000 tonnes.