october, 2019


Integral Factory Automation


Agrifood – Animal feed

Pet food

COTECNICA, which specialises in animal feed production – although it has other production lines – will improve its factory control system by replacing the existing system with VOLTEC’s VMES4.0.

This will be done within the framework of a factory reform with which COTECNICA will improve different aspects of its production, seeking to have an innovative and efficient production process.

Within this reform, the implementation of the new control system with the VMES4.0 will mean a very important improvement for the factory, as it will have a robust and versatile system, capable of adapting to the needs of each production process.

The VMES4.0 software will provide the COTECNICA factory with total control over the plant -stock, formulation, traceability, production, maintenance, circulating vehicles…- which will allow it to optimise production and achieve a more homogeneous and better quality product. The result: a more profitable factory.

VMES4.0, a control system based on Industry 4.0 technology, will allow COTECNICA to extract a large number of reports -predefined or personalised- and therefore have a lot of information for decision making.

Another great advantage is that, thanks to this complete control of the entire production process and of each and every one of the elements involved in it, it will allow the Customer to reduce operational costs and risks during production.

Cotecnica, born in 1982 and dedicated to animal nutrition since its beginning, has not ceased throughout its trajectory to expand and diversify its areas of activity while continuously innovating to give technological support to its growth and to always have state-of-the-art processes in the formulation and production of animal feed. Among the areas in which it has a strong presence today, it is worth highlighting the production of medicines and correctors or the production of pet food.