December, 2018


End-of-line Automation


Pet Food

The Customer had several bagging lines as a starting point, which have been unified into a single fully automated and integrated end-of-line system, and a system for labelling and transport to a single point of collection of pallets from the current bagging lines has been installed.

For this purpose, VOLTEC designed and installed an integral transport system, based on roller conveyors and rotary tables, which automatically transports the pallets from each line to a single labelling point and transports them to an unloading point, with two stations set up for the simultaneous collection of pallets by means of motorised forklifts.

The system allows the passage of workers and motorized forklifts to palletizers and balers, for the reloading of materials and consumables (empty pallets, plastic rolls …), thanks to elevating conveyors.

The human-machine interface of the system is based on an operation panel with a touch screen. This allows the system operator to supervise and control the entire handling process from this panel.

ELMUBAS is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the petfood sector, with presence in 5 continents and which carries out an integral manufacturing process, from the study and selection of ingredients to packaging and subsequent delivery.