May, 2013


Integral Factory Automation


Agrifood – Animal Feed

Company INDUSTRIAL ZOOTÉCNICA ARAGONESA, S.L. dedicated to animal nutrition implements the SDF integrates VOLTEC.

Enterprises engaged in the manufacture of animal feed are forced to work with high standards of quality and sanitary control.

The people involved in these processes have a great responsibility as products used are, in most cases, in higher concentrations. In this context, security plays an important role, because a small mistake can have major effects on the animal for which they are intended species.

Inzar, aware of the importance of these factors in the processes manufacturing and strategic value that entails in the market, has opted for the implementation of the SDF integrates as a tool for production control, allowing you to achieve the highest standards of quality and food security in their business.

Thus Inzar provide significant added value to the products of high quality and has been distributing in the market and that, surely, it will know to thank, thereby strengthening its position as a trusted supplier. < br />

In this, the monitoring system integrates SDF becomes an ideal tool for the control and supervision of the manufacturing process of nutrition products .

Using the unique identification barcode of the raw materials used in making the system fully oversees the entire process, thus avoiding any human error that may occur.

A computer system assists and oversees all production orders executed, including production orders that the operator has to perform manually.

At the time of manufacturing, the system monitors the work of the operator warns on error or authorize the operation if it is correct. Also recorded automatically and in real time all the information on the place and time that is generated during the manufacturing process.

This avoids having to make records and parallel controls manually during manufacturing, such as the control of traceability, issue of the operator to be fully released.

In short, any action that is performed in the process is validated and monitored by the control system , thus avoiding any mistake and ultimately achieving the highest quality standards in the manufacturing process.


The system unifies all production data and analytical in a single database (traceability, analytical laboratory, incidents, database products, parts production, stocks, etc.)

In this way with any question or incident that may occur The operator can see, in a single database and a single system, all the necessary information.

This provides the advantage of simplifying operational and time savings, because in a few seconds and conveniently provide the information requested through the SDF integrated.