March, 2014


End-of-line Automation



VOLTEC Electro Sistemes SL, implement a system of traceability in the agricultural cooperative Las Marismas de Lebrija, Sevilla, which automates the labeling of cans of tomato concentrate at the time of filling.

All in collaboration with Aritmos, computer software company responsible for the cooperative.
The main objective of the Seville cooperative is to increase the reliability of traceability in front of their customers. So they believe that automation of labeling at the time of filling, will be able to link the final product with the product at source, through the production time that develops inside the factory.

Jarana Diego, head of the IT department of Las Marismas de Lebrija, SCA confirms that this project will meet the need of labeling factory covers the need for mobility of field technicians, because, in his words “with this we can carry traceability information from the field to our database in an automated fashion. ” To do this, the cooperative has acquired eight laptops, one for each technician, with their specific field program and automatic dump through a wireless network installed in your department of agricultural technicians.

The cooperative Lebrija agricultural Marshes, founded in 1979 and with 550 members, is dedicated to the sale of supplies and services to its members, as well as the collection of agricultural products and their subsequent sale to other customers, which are mostly Spanish, but also feature and some Eastern European buyers. Cotton, tomato, flowers, cereals, sunflower, carrots and broccoli are agricultural products that work in our cooperative, the volume of sales last year of around EUR 60,000,000.

main problem that the company had was the fact that the partners have a triple functionality because they can relate to the cooperative as owners, as well as customers or suppliers. This means having to carry an account in each case, and several arrangements to do sometimes (such as use as a payment system discounting in the campaign of a product, a supply that was previously partner). This situation trying regulated through a system working in a database. What happened is that on a regular basis, both as Excel files are blocked, and it always involved a problem of waste of time, since to make as simple as printing bills, check balances or simply account accounting things, because of constant blockages, needed a long time.

The fact that the company decided to enter the business of tomato concentrate, was the trigger that led to solve this problem, since it was essential to have a exact traceability of tomato cans. And that’s how VOLTEC, will complement the system developed by Aritmos, with the planned investment for this project of about 221,000 euros.