January 2013


Agrifood – Animal Feed


Integral Factory Automation

Companies Ous Roig from Tortosa and Hnos Morancho Español, SA from Altorricón have adopted the systems of industrial engineering VOLTEC, in order to adapt to current market demands and be more competitive. So, for the traceability of the entire production process it has been implemented the SDF system ensures control of the activity, while automatically generates the necessary doumentación required by the administration and is to accompany the product at all times.


A total of 19 feed mills work with integrated control system Voltec

In these four years, the SDF has emerged as one of the most versatile and reliable in controlling feed mills and flour systems.
The system is actually a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system developed by VOLTEC Sistemes Electro, SL In his view, it is especially directed and designed for manufacturers of compound feed, flours and generally any production process like.

The SDF allows the integration of all the processes involved in productive activities (quality, planning, production, logistics, management-management, etc.) on a common platform. Through this integration of workspaces a clear improvement in productivity is achieved both by reducing costs and by reducing time in making decisions. Thus, SDF can improve the efficiency of plants, which in turn allows a reduction in terms of fast, flexible and secure way.

With SDF can meet real-time availability such as Real Stock of raw materials and finished products, traceability, efficiency, etc. And in general, all available information and generated in the process.
The SDF supports and facilitates the adjustment of the production process to the new regulations and standards for food quality (traceability, cross-contamination, etc.)

Voltec ensures that your dispensing system and formulation allows successfully undertake future success and new challenges of the competitive market environment we live in.