september, 2019


Integral Factory Automation


Agrifood – Animal feed

The company from Sant Guim de Freixenet will thus improve its feed production division by implementing VOLTEC’s MES system in a factory refurbishment that represents an important qualitative technological leap for its plant.

The migration to the VMES4.0 factory control system will provide the Pinsos YAK feed factory with precise control over its stock, formulation, traceability, production, maintenance, circulating vehicles…; in other words, it will give the Customer total control over the plant, optimising production, achieving a more homogeneous and better quality product and, therefore, making it a more profitable factory.

Likewise, another great advantage is that it will allow the Customer to reduce operational costs and risks during production, precisely thanks to this complete control of the entire production process and of each and every one of the elements involved in it.

Piensos YAK, a company with a trajectory of more than 50 years in the livestock and agri-food sector, will adapt with this reform to the highest standards of automation for the production of animal feed, thus increasing its competitiveness in the market.