January, 2014


Integral Factory Automation



VOLTEC Electrosistemes, in collaboration with the company IPIAL 2000, participates in the project of automation of a plant of carrot juice in the province of Qingdao. Entrepreneurship is included within the Development Aid Funds (FAD) 

The Lleida company is currently working in the manufacture of electrical and process control system for the Madrid company IPIAL2000, awarded the factory automation carrot juice, newly established in China. The project foresees the implementation of technologies and equipment to optimize the production system and competitiveness of the plant.

The machinery will mechanization of the whole process, so that all phases are automated. The equipment will enable the reception, washing, peeling, inspection and grinding of raw materials (carrots) and mechanical systems incorporating heat treatment and subsequent separation of solids and juice. The action also includes the implementation of systems of clarification and concentration of the juice for later UHT. Finally, lines will be installed in aseptic packaging.

To carry out this ambitious project, Voltec is designing control panels and automation that will put in motion the machinery manufactured by IPIAL2000, with the aim of optimizing maximum performance and equipment performance to benefit the operation of the plant.

The project, with an investment of 4 million euros has been made possible by the Development Aid Funds that the Spanish government attaches to the Chinese owner in the form of soft loans provided the machinery used is of Spanish manufacture.

IPIAL2000 a “partner” known

This It is the second project that develops next to IPIAL2000 Voltec. Recently, it has executed a joint work in the factory PERFETTI Turkey, engaged in the manufacture of gum dragees.

The Madrid-based company, regular international technology market -the 95% of their interventions are implemented abroad- market is specialized in the design, manufacture and operation of agro machinery.