July, 2018


Integral Factory Automation


Drinks / Water

In this project, the customer’s end of line had to be solved, completely automating the palletizing, as well as the entry and exit of the different components that act in it. The product that is palletized is packs of bottles that come from a bottling line.

The proposed system has versatility to palletize pallets and half pallets indistinctly. A transport and grouping system prepares the layer of packs, which is collected completely by the palletising robot.

The robot starts palletising automatically as soon as product arrives on the line. Once the different palletising layers have been formed, the entire pallet is automatically removed by a motorised roller conveyor, where it is picked up by a forklift.

In addition to the solution itself, VOLTEC was responsible for the design and construction of the gripper, which in addition to palletising layers of packs also handles empty pallets or half pallets, as well as placing the separator cartons between layers.

All the control and interaction with the palletizing cell is done through an operator terminal (HMI) based on the VOLTEC standard “TOTAL INTEGRATION OF ROBOTS IN AUTOMATION” so that the handling of the robot is also integrated into the HMI.

From this operator panel all the necessary variables for its correct operation (layers and mosaics) are introduced to the system. In addition, the screen shows the status of the palletizing cell and the robot (alarms, security…).

This kind of solutions allow the production centres to optimise their human resources, carry out a better and faster processing of the finished product and thus increase their production capacity.