The implementation of Voltec Electro Sistemes SL traceability system in horticultural center in Camp Cooperative Sant Gaietà – Fruitona, located in the town of Lleida Aitona since 1986, has provided the cooperative improve their market positioning of European exports.

Voltec TSF installed the monitoring system (Monitoring Treatment and Fruit) campaign for collecting fruit 2005. Since then, their work system has improved significantly. Automation and strict control of the origin of the fruit, the handling of it, the labeling and transportation are part of the backbone of the production of the plant. The plant has two sorting lines and calibration with a capacity of 10,000kg of fruit per hour.

The implementation of a traceability system may take some time and the modification of some of the production processes. For this reason, it is advisable to make the investment before starting a campaign to collect fruit, as did Cooperativa del Camp Sant Gaietà – Fruitona.

The horticultural centers that have implemented traceability systems customers a wider range of open and that through this control system can ensure strict monitoring of their products from their origin until they reach the hands of the consumers. This monitoring is done by registered, able to detail the history of the product, its use and location codes.

Benefits provides traceability to the different actors in the food chain
Having traceability It means products mainly all these localized information in a database. Still, traceability has different uses and meanings for the actors involved in the food chain

-. Producers and manufacturers allows them to quickly locate any problematic batch without the rest of his display affected by suspicion.
– A health authorities serves to lock automatically unsafe products, and if necessary, remove them from the market.
– A final consumers giving them the peace of mind that the products they buy have been strictly controlled. In this way, it also increases their right to information when choosing products that prefer to consume.