August, 2018


End-of-line Automation


Graphic Arts

Recently we made an improvement of the end of line for one of Europlastic’s production lines.

This improvement, consisting of the palletizing of paper packs, allows the Customer to complete the finishing of the packs, since once the blocks of sheets of paper have been cut and sealed, they are transferred to the palletizing arm.

A few days after the start up of this end of line unit, Mr Francisco Navarro, manager of Europlastic, valued the work done, highlighting a few positive points of the project.

Navarro highlighted the good service provided during the commissioning, the mosaic configuration program from the computer, the process of the clamp and also the high quality of the technical documentation delivered.

Most importantly, this type of improvement allows the Customer – in this case Europlastic – to improve its production, make it more efficient and also increase it while reducing costs at the same time.

Y lo más importante, este tipo de mejoras permiten al Cliente -en este caso a Europlástic- mejorar su producción, realizarla de forma más eficiente y además, lograr aumentarla reduciendo costes al mismo tiempo.