paletizado de sacos ITF


January, 2013


Integral Factory Automation


Agrifood – Animal Feed

Initial Technical Foods, S.L. introduces a new cell at the end of the bagging line.

The company from Huesca ITF has robotized the handling of sacks at the end of the bagging line thanks to the installation of the VOLTEC palletizing cell, a machine that already incorporates the new QUANTEC robot from the firm KUKA which adds important advantages to this installation from the point of view of safety, precision, reduction of energy consumption and
functional guarantee. The cell admits a maximum load of 180 kg, consists of a bag conveyor-conditioner located in the collection area of the bag to palletize and a perimeter security fence, with a photoelectric barrier in the area of entry and exit of pallets. The installation includes a control robotic cabinet, with tactile operator terminal for management of the system.

An advantageous and adaptable solution

The VOLTEC palletizing cell is a highly versatile and economical solution for bag palletizing with the greatest advantage being the small amount of floor space required for its installation. Thus, a palletising and baling cell can be installed in a space of only 4×4 metres, which is an unquestionable advantage when it comes to adapting old systems with limited available space.
In addition, the cell adapts perfectly to any need, presenting itself as a flexible solution that allows different levels of automation depending on the volume of production and always taking into account the needs of the customer. In this sense, VOLTEC ELECTROSISTEMES S.L. offers from basic and very economic solutions for small companies. production, up to other fully automated and high-capacity for higher productions.