September, 2015


Integral Factory Automation



The flour company standardizes the redundant ControlLogix system in their plants Voltec Electro Sistemas, S.L.

The engineering from Lleida VOLTEC Electro Systemas, S.L. has been commissioned to standardize the Rockwell ControlLogix redundancy system in plants Harinera Goal a Lleida company located in the Industrial El Segre dedicated to the production of flour for food. The goal, in its pursuit of the highest standards of reliability, quality assurance and production, has relied on VOLTEC to develop and implement the redundant ControlLogix system in several production plants. VOLTEC intervention has included the provision of equipment, programming of PLC’s and SCADA software, the link with the ERP of the company and control cabinets and power.

Redundancy ControlLogix®

This system provides increased productivity by allowing higher system availability by switching control to a secondary controller chassis, providing the redundancy module primary detects an event in any module in the primary chassis. This increased system availability leads to downtime is less. In short, the ControlLogix redundancy is very effective if the ability to maintain the system without stopping the controller or if high volume products (downtime would, in this case, a considerable loss of income) are handled is needed. The implementation of this system is also recommended if high-cost products are produced, in which case downtime could result in product damage. Installation will also be beneficial if high visibility processes are controlled, so downtime could cause public inconvenience of large scale and, finally, is recommended if continuous processes where downtime can result in damage to equipment or running expensive restarts.