VMES4.0: the revolution for your factory

VMES4.0, our new M.E.S. (Manufacturing Execution System) solution, is born to become the perfect support for manufacturing processes.


The VMES4.0 software constitutes the most robust and versatile platform for the integral control of your factory. Based on Industry 4.0 technology and developed on standard and open platforms, it is totally modular, configurable and easy to connect to other applications.


VMES4.0 is a tool with which you will achieve, among others, a precise control of stocks, produce with a lower energy cost, calculate OEE efficiency levels or perform preventive maintenance, minimizing stoppages and breakdowns.


  • Ascending and descending traceability.
  • Generation, tracking and supervision of superorders: all production sub-processes in a single order.
  • Multiplant system.
  • Real time stock update.
  • Production planner.
  • Assistants to guide the operator in the operation of the production plant.
  • Complete management of the necessary documentation around the process.
  • Total control of the traffic in plant, by means of RFID system.
  • Management of maintenance and plug&play breakdowns.


  • It is a source of competitiveness that allows you to improve productivity, quality and helps you meet demand more accurately and profitably.
  • It allows to extract reports of productivity, efficiency, historical records or even reports customized by the user…
  • Allows you to reduce labor and energy costs.
  • Facilitates better and faster business decisions.
  • It offers the possibility to design, produce and sell products in less time, being able to create shorter and more profitable production series.
  • Enables more personalized customer service, giving the factory the ability to adapt to demand and identify opportunities.
  • Allows to reduce risks, creating a safer working environment.
  • It is a software designed and developed thanks to the knowledge acquired after more than 20 years of work in the sector and the experience of more than 40 plants working with VOLTEC systems.