VOLTEC Electrosistemes implements a boxing application using a collaborative robot

This spring 2019 in VOLTEC we have been chosen by one of our customers for the implementation of a collaborative robot boxing solution in their facilities.

The project is carried out in close cooperation between our team and our partner KUKA. This type of application is always a challenge for our team – in this case, solving a boxing problem by means of a collaborative robot as opposed to traditional robotic applications – and allows us to remain at the forefront of solutions for industrial automation.

In this project, KUKA’s LBR iiwa robot was chosen, as it is the safest on the market for applications such as that required thanks to its sensitivity to collisions – it has force sensors that constantly measure the pressure exerted by the robot in each of its axes and movements.

In addition, its reaction time is minimal, it works autonomously and it is able to learn thanks to its coordinate memorization system and gesture control.