VOLTEC Press Control

This is a versatile system for all kinds of extruders and presses for the manufacture of pellets
The industrial engineering company, VOLTEC Sistemes, SL, produces press control system designed for all kinds of extruders and presses for the production of pellets. The system created by VOLTEC features make the comprehensive and automatic machine control thanks to an efficient system of analysis and control of all parameters and variables. This total control achieves a high performance of the machine and makes it independent of the variability of the raw material producing, in this way, significant energy savings involved a possible cost savings. Control engineering presses Lleida has a large HMI device which are displayed and set all the variables of the process and also serves to effect control of incidents and alarms.

Another interesting possibility in this press control is possible PC monitoring via SCADA software. A monitor that allows performing the functions that the system provides, such as machine control or alarm, for example; and you can also record and draw trend charts. Finally, thanks to the connection of the control system presses VOLTEC INTEGRA system, the machine will be integrated into the control system and general supervision of the plant.

Control presses VOLTEC It offers efficient and practical features to make the machine has the best performance and therefore deliver the maximum benefits to the company. The system allows to control the machine, the feeder, the temperature in conditioner, liquid conditioner additions, alarms and allows also perform manual control and communicate with other computers or systems.

Machine control Enables display of consumption of the main engine and the regulation thereof, and can also display the value of relief and the minimum value to allow additions in the conditioner they are fully configurable.

Control Displays feeder feeder speed and instant production. Also enables the modification of the setpoint for the target output, changing the minimum temperature value for starting the climb of the machine, changing the value of the density of flour, tote production.

Temperature control conditioner
This feature facilitates displaying the temperature of the raw material, changing the setpoint temperature, changing the peak opening the steam valve and opening display.

Control of liquid additions conditioner
Allows modification of value for liquid filler, the actual value display for the liquid filler and tote amount provided for each liquid.

Get Manual control the drive manually from all parts of the machine.

Control Alarm is performed by acoustic and visual signaling of any incident, with monitoring and alarm display output voltage free contact for possible remote alarms.

Communication with other equipment or systems
system Control option provides communication via Ethernet or other bus market.

In short, control of presses VOLTEC to appeal to exercise control over all kinds of pellet manufacturing presses and extruders easily adapted to specific parameters and variables of each case.