Marking and labelling

We have extensive experience in marking and labeling.

With adhesive labels

Labelling systems using adhesive labels.

Complete range of dispensers and applicators of adhesive labels, which cover any need of labelling in boxes, packs, bags, sacks, pallets, bottles, etc.

Possibility of top, side, front, back, double-sided, enveloping, L, U, V, etc. labeling, both in movement and standing, and in vertical and horizontal.

With productions of up to 1,000 products per minute.


With ink jet

Marking systems using ink jet printing systems.

Quality marking on all kind of surfaces, flat or irregular and on any kind of substrate: wood, metal, cardboard, plastic, concrete, etc., both at standstill and in movement.

Markers of great character and high resolution for printing bar codes, text and graphics on all kinds of materials.

Wide range of inks for all types of applications, water-based inks, alcohol, methyl ethyl ketone.

Food inks, pigmented inks, fast drying inks, etc.


Laser marking systems.

Indelible marking of stopped or moving bags with very high productions.

High quality indelible coding on moving or static products with minimum maintenance.

Possibility of printing texts, logos, graphics in multiple formats, barcodes, 2-D point codes, serial numbers, batch numbering.

High production, line speed of up to 400 meters per minute and generation of up to 6,600 characters per second.

Printing on glass, fiberglass PCB’s, plastic, painted materials, finished metals, wood, leather and many more.

Label Printers

We have a wide range of thermal and thermal transfer printers.

Resolutions from 200 dpi to 600 dpi, speeds from 50 mm/s to 250 mm/s and maximum label widths from 22mm to 225mm, offering an excellent and robust solution for heavy-duty industrial applications.

We provide equipment, online integration, communication with other systems, label editing software.

We provide after-sales and maintenance services, as well as supply of consumables (Ribbon and labels).

Barcode Readers

We have a complete range of barcode readers for automatic data capture in warehouse management, transport and logistics applications, etc.

Fixed Scanners.

Portable terminals and laser guns.

Data collection terminals.

Data transmission by radio frequency.