Voltec will present new planning, controller and farm management software at Expoaviga 2006

Lleida’s engineering also complements SDF Integra with a new sample control and analysis module.
Voltec Electrosistemes, SL will present in Expoaviga from 17 to 20 October, three new control modules that complement its software SDF Integra. The first of these modules focuses on production planning; the second, on farm control and management; and the third, on sample and analytical control. These new modules will complement the existing ones, turning the SDF Integra system into a tool that facilitates the control and management of information in production systems. The manufacturer can thus develop his business activity, having all the information generated in a single control platform and a single database.

Within the framework of this International Poultry and Livestock Technology Exhibition in Barcelona, the company from Lleida will also be showing the solutions they offer in end-of-line machinery, including the palletising of sacks using articulated robots and the already consolidated line of equipment for marking and labelling sacks, both by means of adhesive labels and by inkjet and laser.the SDF Integra software developed by Voltec has become one of the most effective ways of achieving automation and control of the activity of feed and premix factories.

SDF Integra is developed on standard and open platforms and is easy to connect to other applications. The software options are basically production control, truck transit, stock and weighbridge. It also allows for product traceability, predictive maintenance, manufacturing and control of bar-coded additives, loading of additive silos and manual input of bar-coded additives, remote formulation and import of formulas. It also serves as a link to the administration/address and to make queries from the Internet, and even a module facilitates the management of medicated feed.

The system is intuitive, easy to configure and can grow as needed. Voltec Electrosistemes, SL has chosen Expoaviga, a prestigious international show, to present its latest advances in factory control and automation systems. This biennial show has become a worldwide reference for professionals from all sectors of animal production, due to its international and highly technical approach, and above all to the qualified and professional profile of visitors.